Polymer workshop

On Saturday, I attended a wonderful polymer workshop hosted by the most gracious Allegra in her most beautiful home and instructed by the most talented Laurel. The class was wonderful. The company was exceptional. The food (croissants & preserves, crab and asparagus quiche, and chocolate cake) was amazing. My finished pieces are not the greatest but I am thrilled with what I learned. I know I will apply the techniques to metal clay and am so excited to tear open the PMC I got in the mail last week. Thank you to Allegra, Laurel, Darlene, Judy, and Eunice for making the day such a fun and special time.

Here is peek at my work…

10 Responses

  1. Your finished pieces look wonderful, sweetie! Thanks so much for coming, and I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

  2. Wow! Those are just awesome, Denise! And thanks for the tip on the Studio clay. I’ve seen it, but haven’t bought any. I’ll check it out!

  3. Oh my Denise, these look wonderful! You should be thrilled with these great pieces! I hope you’ll show us what you do with them.

  4. Oh Denise! you are too much, LOL. It was lovely to have you here, as it always is. Your pieces are great and you shouldn’t be so modest about your art.
    They look gorgeous and I am sure you will be making some beautiful pieces. Hugs from here and I hope to see you soon,


  5. These are wonderful!! On my monitor they look like the new bronze clay…very cool

  6. Awesome, Denise! I love polymer clay!

  7. Hi Denise,

    I think that your polymer clay molded pieces are beautiful – and you are too self-critical! I wish that mine had turned out as well as yours did. I ordered some Knead-A-Mold and it arrived just this afternoon, so I may play around a little tomorrow…

    Although we sat near each other at Nina’s workshop at Art and Soul, I never did have a conversation with you. So… I’ll look forward to that at ArtFest.


  8. hey! i love your pieces – they are really cool. there does seem like a lot of possibilities to do with the clay.i like the idea of casting over vintage pieces to so that favorite pieces can be used again and again. your first picture is my favorite. it has a nice timeless vintage look to it.

  9. They look really great Denise! I was supposed to go too but had way too much work to do. Then to top it off I fell and cut my eyelid open. Didn’t get stitches but probably should have. I’ve got a nice 3/4″ scar now on my eyelid.

  10. All of your pieces you made are lovely. You do wonderful work. There are so many possibilities with the molds you made.

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