Looking forward

I need some sunshine… that’s all there is to it. I want to go outside and feel the rays warming my body and soothing my mood. Winter is always difficult for me but this year, I’ve found it to be unusually draining. Maybe partly due to the weather… maybe partly to all the changes I’ve set in motion in my life. All I know is I am longing for escape from the wet and dreary.

There have been some glimpses here and there that the grey is waning. And I have celebrated some wonderful successes in my personal life. I have been prioritizing, learning to be more assertive, valuing myself, and dealing with anger. I have also been working through some trauma from my past. This work is probably better suited for a more pleasant time of year but that’s just not how everything has progressed.

So I find myself being more gentle with myself. Permitting myself to veg when I need to. Enjoying the small things in life. Spending lots of cuddle time with my dogs. I am ready to turn the page on the past and begin a new chapter. What that will bring I do not know. I face the prospect with a little fear but a lot of excited anticipation. In some ways things remain the same… in other ways, my whole world could be in for a change. Wish me luck.

I hope this personal revelation isn’t off-putting to you. I hope as spring unfolds, you too find lots to look forward to.

5 Responses

  1. Spring is just around the corner sweet girl. And even though it was sunny and nice here yesterday, I want more too!

    Change is always scary, but that’s where growth happens too. I’m betting it all works out wonderfully for you!


  2. There is nothing off-putting about real life. Life with it’s ups and downs, highs and lows, times of learning, and reflecting, and adjusting to change.

    It sounds like you are on the right path dear Denise, and I wish for you everything you need to take care of yourself in the truest sense.

    Be well sweet girl, and know I’m thinking of you.

  3. Sharing a validation of one’s own is never off putting. It is always a gift of trust and one that true friends value for that very reason. Good for you, remember to keep your eyes on the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. The whole future is yours for the taking so go for the gold. You have surely earn it!

  4. you had a glimmer of change in your eyes last October… you trusted yourself and are seeing it through… it’s empowering – brave – honest and inspiring… and if i could offer you sunshine you could come visit me… but being northern girls… i’m just sitting in inches of new snow!… but you can always trek here… anytime you want.

    take care & big hugs

  5. hey friend! just know that you aren’t alone. it’s been a LONG winter for all of us. i think as we get older, winter is hard to tolerate. we are all feeling it. and yes, i feel i can breathe a sigh of relief when i see my crocus and daffodils standing tall in my plantars beckoning spring to take charge and dismis old man winter! i blogged all our ornaments – so if you want a peek, stop on by.

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