Photog beginner

I’ve been so frustrated with my digital camera. I’ve had my Nikon Coolpix S7c for a year now and although I’ve read the user guide a couple times, I still struggle! Should I stick with totally auto settings? Or should I make manual adjustments to the exposure and white balance? What the heck does the macro setting do? Nothing I’ve tried has helped. How could it be so difficult? How do other people take such wonderful pictures and why couldn’t I? I just want to point, shoot, download and upload with as little manipulation in between. Unfortunately, my end result hasn’t been worthy of the shred pile let alone, my new Etsy shop, Artful Bliss.

I was about to give up! Imagine my pleasure when I recently stumbled upon this brilliant artist’s 1000 Market blog. Anandi creates wonderful hand-stamped gifts and jewelry for people and their pets. She is very talented and creative and I’ve enjoyed reading her insightful posts. She recently began a multi-part series and the first installment titled Product photography – the bane of my existence, Part I, resonated strongly with me. Her tips are awesome and after reading Part I, I couldn’t wait for her next post.

The remaining additions to the series are as smart as the first: Product photography – why is this so hard, part IIProduct photography – all the world’s a scary stage, part III; Product photography – where’s that darn photo, part III.V; Product photography – editing, not just for newspapers, part IV.  Anandi combines humor with common sense, tips & tricks, her best known methods, and excellent writing style into one of the best, most constructive blogs I have read. I have learned a lot and now need to put the concepts into practice!

Stay tuned… I’ll have before and after photos in my next installment!


My newest site

I found this really cool new ecommerce site. Setup is free and easy to use. Transaction fees are $.20 plus 2% of the sale.

You may use this coupon code (SPECIAL10) to receive a 10% discount from your purchase greater than $15. Plus, all items are listed with free shipping! Click on the picture below to access my site.

Hmm hmm hmm hmm to me!

Just celebrated a special occasion. Unfortunately, they’re sneaking up all too often these days. I think this is the year I’m going to start lying about my age… I think I can pull off 39. Who’s going to know? Ha! Anyway, I bought myself a beautiful gift at the Art & Soul vendor sale. This is a beautiful painting by the very talented Stephanie Lee. I love the colors, the way she finished it with wax, and the composition. It’s so lovely! And I deserve it.

This painting can hang either portrait- or landscape-wise. Because the area above my sink is such a weird space, I have been searching three years for the perfect artwork to hang here. I am so happy I finally found it.

It could probably be bigger but I think it works… I didn’t want something that over took the whole area. What do you think?

This weekend is the JouJou Workshop with the wonderfully gifted Deryn Mentock. It is going to be such a great time. We still have some spots open AND there is still time to register. Let me know if you can make it and we’ll get all the details worked out ASAP!

What a concept

I came upon this website by chance. The premise is simple and cool. It’s called and you can raise money for anything, really. I would like to open a web-based business. I don’t have an unlimited reserve of cash to draw on, however. If I can generate enough traffic to my fundable page and enough people pledge money, I can use the money to pay for a website. There is a time limit and if the goal is not reached by that time, the money is not collected. Payments can be made with PayPal. Couldn’t be any easier, huh? Has anyone heard of this concept? Has anyone used it? What was your result? There is an incentive: when I reach my goal, each donor will receive a limited edition fine silver charm… a win-win for all!

Biz Op!

I have been pondering and pondering how to escape the corporate life. I just can’t seem to figure out how to replace my income and still live the lifestyle I currently enjoy. I guess it takes a lot of sacrificing and the ability to see the delayed gratification down the road.

I had previously mentioned my dream to a lady I work with. She has come up with a really great business idea and thought it may be something I’d also be interested in. I was so flattered and excited. I won’t give away the premise but it sounds like something we could do that would require a low start up investment and could possibly grow into something much larger. At the least, she said perhaps she could help me market some of my artwork!

I have been toying with the idea of joining a Ladies who Launch group called an incubator. Is anyone familiar with them? Has your experience been positive and influential on your success?