New on Etsy

Here are my latest listings on artful bliss, my Etsy site.


New artsy site

Has anyone heard of ArtFire? It’s similar to etsy but with some big differences… This site seems much more techie than Etsy. You can link up with facebook, twitter, and google analytics. The listing portal is much simpler (one page!) than etsy’s.  And the best part, there are no listing fees and no commission fees. As soon as word gets ArtFire is going to give Etsy a run for their money! Here is a link to my artful bliss – the cupboards are kinda bare but you’ll get the idea. Click on the graphic below to learn more about the site’s features. Or check out their FAQs.

New items for sale

I think my etsy shop looks better than ever. I got rid of most of those eBay-type-mug-shot thumbnails I had on my listings. I hope the new snazzy pics entices everyone to buy, buy, buy! Click on the photos below to link directly to the items at artful bliss.

A lot going on

I haven’t been very good lately about updating my blog. I’ve had a lot going on. And it’s so much easier to post a sentence or two on facebook or twitter. Not only have the holidays snuck up on me, some life changing events are working their way into my world. More on that later (maybe).

Anyway, I’ve opened an Etsy store and have listed a few items on eBay. I can honestly say, I love selling almost as much as buying! Thanks to my friend Keli for encouraging me and for being my first customer! Most of the items I’ve sold are found objects and little antique German dolls…

Aren’t these little babies so sweet? They are tiny and each one is unique. If you’re interested in buying, click on the picture to get to my Artful Bliss Etsy shop.

I have vision of what I would like to make for sale and I actually started some art but it still needs some work.

Yesterday I was so happy to get together with my art friends (Melissa, Diane, Sue, Marci, and Michelle). Marci was inspired by the cover of the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. She brought all kinds of goodies and we all had fun filling up little jars and bottles and then glittering and glamming up our little snowmen. Michelle was kind enough to post pictures and is allowing us to borrow them.

Last week, before I knew what Marci had in mind, I bought one of Kecia‘s little snowmen on her new 1000 Markets site. She still has a couple out there if you’re interested. Here’s a picture of my cute trio at work…

In addition to the fun art sutff, Marci and Sue brought home-made goodies. I’m trying to wrangle the recipes from them both.

Before we know it Christmas will be here. I still haven’t pulled out any decorations and I’m not sure I will.

My newest site

I found this really cool new ecommerce site. Setup is free and easy to use. Transaction fees are $.20 plus 2% of the sale.

You may use this coupon code (SPECIAL10) to receive a 10% discount from your purchase greater than $15. Plus, all items are listed with free shipping! Click on the picture below to access my site.