In the palm of my hands

I received my order and these are now
available for your purchase!

I am adding something special to my etsy store, artful bliss, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek…

I love to use hands in my artwork and I had a lot of fun taking these pictures. The last picture is an example of a pendant I made for a round robin I’m participating in. I have also used these hands in assemblage and other mixed media work. I hope these will inspire you to create many beautiful and creative masterpieces.

I will be listing the first set of hands tonight. I should receive more sets of hands later this week and will add them as demand dictates.


New on Etsy

Here are my latest listings on artful bliss, my Etsy site.

New artsy site

Has anyone heard of ArtFire? It’s similar to etsy but with some big differences… This site seems much more techie than Etsy. You can link up with facebook, twitter, and google analytics. The listing portal is much simpler (one page!) than etsy’s.  And the best part, there are no listing fees and no commission fees. As soon as word gets ArtFire is going to give Etsy a run for their money! Here is a link to my artful bliss – the cupboards are kinda bare but you’ll get the idea. Click on the graphic below to learn more about the site’s features. Or check out their FAQs.

New Etsy listings

I only have time for a short post… I should be sleeping right now! I listed some really cute new items in my etsy store: artful bliss. Here’s a little teaser for you…

Happy shopping!

Special gifts

I bought these doll heads weeks ago. They finally arrived and I can’t believe how much I love them! It’s almost as if I got Christmas twice. I want to keep them all and give them each their own name; dress them up and play with them. All different, creamy shades of white; all with some charming imperfection. These are my perfectly imperfects, as I like to refer to them. Some of them are so tiny I can’t even imagine how teensy their little bodies must have been.  Some have hair, some have hats, and some are bald. Some of them have a lot of detail and others have no definite features. Some are chalky bisque and some are glossy white. All deliciously yummy! I am going to have a hard time deciding which ones to keep and which ones to sell. These will be available in the next day or so in my etsy store, artful bliss.

New items for sale

I think my etsy shop looks better than ever. I got rid of most of those eBay-type-mug-shot thumbnails I had on my listings. I hope the new snazzy pics entices everyone to buy, buy, buy! Click on the photos below to link directly to the items at artful bliss.

Honing my skills

Just a quick post about my progress with my photography. I made a light box and adjusted my camera. Here are some pictures I took before doing this:

Here are some pictures I took after:

Besides the use of props giving the after pics some visual interest, I think they are a huge improvement and I’m pleased. What do you think? By the way, you can buy the little vintage coin purse at artful bliss, my Etsy store.