Polymer workshop

On Saturday, I attended a wonderful polymer workshop hosted by the most gracious Allegra in her most beautiful home and instructed by the most talented Laurel. The class was wonderful. The company was exceptional. The food (croissants & preserves, crab and asparagus quiche, and chocolate cake) was amazing. My finished pieces are not the greatest but I am thrilled with what I learned. I know I will apply the techniques to metal clay and am so excited to tear open the PMC I got in the mail last week. Thank you to Allegra, Laurel, Darlene, Judy, and Eunice for making the day such a fun and special time.

Here is peek at my work…


Random stuff

I signed up for a fatbook swap and I was so motivated I started and finished the pages today! I think they turned out really well. Here is a picture of the main part of the page. I have a couple added touches but they’re mostly done. Usually when I create something, I go through about a dozen iterations of ideas until I have something I really like. I went with the first prototype this time. Inside the little matchbook are a couple pretty pieces of paper. I think I may stamp a saying inside but not sure yet.

I got my moo cards in the mail today! They turned out so cool… except for one thing… I misspelled my email provider… me… the obsessive proof-reader! HOW EMBARRASSING! I guess that’s karma!

Have you heard this crazy story? I would be pissed! That’s like getting your kids mixed up at daycare! The arrogance of the kennel owner is amazing.

Tomorrow’s the last day to get in on my give away!

Little vessels

Look at the cute little polymer pieces I made.

My friend Dawn invited me to a group she meets with and it was really a wonderful time!

Favorite artists

Tejae Floyde is offering her Secrets of the Encased Hearts class online again. I have admired her work for a while. I was a little dubious but this is totally a bargain at $45. Plus you get the instructions so you can refer back to them over when you can’t remember what you’re supposed to do. In some ways, it’s better than an in-person class.

Also, Lisa Kaus is hosting a couple workshops in May—I’ll be in Hampton, Virginia at Art & Soul!—at her studio in Portland: Let Them Eat Cake & Home Sweet Home. I found out she will be offering them again in July. If you’re interested, go to her website and sign up to be on her mailing list so you can get advanced notice. I love Lisa’s art; it’s so whimsical and feels so happy. It would be great to see some of you there in July!

My kiln should be delivered tomorrow… unfortunately, I will be in Chandler, Arizona. Fortunately, Steve will be home to accept it. Hope it makes it in one piece!

Latest Projects

Here are a few pics of my latest projects.

Here is my swap heart. I think I still have some minor clean up to do but I hope my partner likes it.

Sneak Peek

I finished my By the Sea fatbook pages. And I finished early, I might add. I will have to get them in the mail this week. Here is a sneak peek. I normally don’t like glitter but it gives the illusion of water so I thought it worked well in this case. The colors aren’t as bright in this pic as in real life but I didn’t use very good lighting in the shot. I tried to get the effect of sand on the frame but not sure it was exactly what I was going for. All in all though, I think they turned out well (they look better in person). My favorite part is the little floating starfish/sand dollar.



I have two more swaps to work on: the By the Sea charm swap and the polymer heart for Tejae’s Yahoo group. I think I know what I’m going to do for the charm swap if I can find some really tiny shells. Tejae‘s swap is one-for-one so it’s not going to take long. Plus I know what I want to do. Just need to make sure I have the right color of polymer and paint. Need to order the Prismacolor Markers that everyone was talking about in the online class I took. I hate the little bumps and fingerprints that wind up in places you don’t want them on the finished piece. I wondered how everyone’s work looked so perfect and today I learned another secret. So I’m going to Home Depot—make that Lowes (they have better customer service)—tomorrow to get some sanding pads and steel wool to use with the polymer to see if I can get better results.

I feel so fortunate to be a member of Tejae’s group. She is such an amazing artist. Take a look at her etsy store and her slide show. She is so patient and kindly answers all my beginner polymer questions. I would love to take another class from her.

I cannot wait until next week… my new kiln will be here on the 12th! Unfortunately, I have a business trip the following week so I’ll have to abandon it for a few days. But we’re going to Arizona and we’re planning a fun team building event. We may be able to get tickets to a spring training game. I don’t follow baseball but my parents love the Mariners so it would be fun to see them play. Whatever we end up doing it’ll be a good time. I work with a group of really nice people.

Gotta get to bed! It’s class nine tomorrow—only a few more to go!

I Love Secrets!

I took a virtual class recently. The class was titled Secrets of the Encased Heart and was taught by Tejae Floyde. If you’re not familiar with her work, you’re missing out! She is so very creative and you can feel the life in her art… just amazingly beautiful stuff!

Anyway, back to the class. I would classify myself as a novice as far as polymer clay goes. As a matter of fact, I don’t even consider myself an artist because in my mind that implies that you’ve actually made money selling your art, which I have not. I am very protective of my creations and (maybe this has to do with my hoarding problem) but I can’t seem to part with anything I’ve made so far. Now, I’m not talking about cards and swaps and stuff like that because those things are like mass production items.

I had some doubts about how the class would work. I wasn’t overly impressed with the host’s website. But I thought… what do I have to lose? Besides, I love
Tejae’s art so I would love to learn from her, especially if she was willing to divulge the actual Secrets!

I have to admit, that I was wrong to make any negative assumptions. The class was great! How many classes have you taken where the instructor gives a demo here, a demo there but goes so quickly, you cannot really learn anything, let alone apply the technique yourself? Tejae created a .pdf document with step-by-step directions, tips and helpful hints and actually emailed them to the students! How wonderful to be able to read through them and then refer back while working. What a concept! And when was the last time you paid $45 to attend a class taught by a successful, renowned artist?

Although the host’s website isn’t frilly, it is very functional. And the host was actually one of the students. The message boards were basic but they worked. We were able to access the site long before the class was scheduled so it was a nice way to get ready for the class. Students were able to ask questions, show their work, and interact with each other. Everyone’s level of expertise was different and it was inspiring to see what others had come up with. Tejae was very attentive to our questions and provided really detailed information in a very timely manner.

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from Tejae, I would highly, highly recommend it.

I am still learning about polymer but I am happy it’s such an affordable medium. A few of my hearts turned out okay. With practice, I am sure I’ll get better. I will keep playing until I’m satisfied. You never know. Maybe someday I’ll feel confident enough to actually list some of my work on etsy. For now, here’s a peek at the results of this class.