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charm 030

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Here is a fine silver charm I created last week which I donated for auction. I will be making some more and selling them on etsy.

Stay tuned!


Please help

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I often feature some of my favorite artists and their work. Today is a little different. I want to tell you about Ron & Joanna. I have met neither of them in person. I am acquainted with Joanna’s art through her blog, her Etsy and ArtFire shops, and her online workshops. She is a gifted and generous artist – her online workshop if full of secret techniques – and I admire and respect her a great deal.

Recently, she mentioned that her husband, Ron, needed some medical treatment. Unfortunately, he had lost his job and they are without insurance. After jumping through hoops, Joanna got him in for an MRI which indicated the worst news ever: Ron has a brain tumor and without surgery, he has a month to live. My heart breaks for them. I cannot imagine the emotional roller coaster ride they’ve been on. Their story goes beyond the current situation… they have battled health and life issues in the past and survived.

A fund has been set up to help Ron and Joanna. And my dear friend, Kecia, wrote a very candid and touching blog post about how the kindness of others helped during  a very difficult journey of her own. I know times are tough for everyone but if you even have a couple extra dollars, please consider chipping in to help Ron and Joanna.

I’m behind

I’ve been absent from my blog… seems like forever since I last posted anything! I hope I still have a couple readers out there.

Here are some pictures of a charm I created for a round robin swap I’m involved in. I just loved this image but it was long and skinny. I wound up cutting it in two pieces and using the face for the front and the other piece for the back.

Renaissance 005
Renaissance 006

Renaissance 004
Renaissance 002
Renaissance 003

Looking forward

I need some sunshine… that’s all there is to it. I want to go outside and feel the rays warming my body and soothing my mood. Winter is always difficult for me but this year, I’ve found it to be unusually draining. Maybe partly due to the weather… maybe partly to all the changes I’ve set in motion in my life. All I know is I am longing for escape from the wet and dreary.

There have been some glimpses here and there that the grey is waning. And I have celebrated some wonderful successes in my personal life. I have been prioritizing, learning to be more assertive, valuing myself, and dealing with anger. I have also been working through some trauma from my past. This work is probably better suited for a more pleasant time of year but that’s just not how everything has progressed.

So I find myself being more gentle with myself. Permitting myself to veg when I need to. Enjoying the small things in life. Spending lots of cuddle time with my dogs. I am ready to turn the page on the past and begin a new chapter. What that will bring I do not know. I face the prospect with a little fear but a lot of excited anticipation. In some ways things remain the same… in other ways, my whole world could be in for a change. Wish me luck.

I hope this personal revelation isn’t off-putting to you. I hope as spring unfolds, you too find lots to look forward to.


I haven’t been very active in blogland lately. I have been so busy. I won’t go into all the details but life can be overwhelming at times. I try to pare down when needed and unfortunately, one of the things that gets bumped on my priority list is writing. Besides that, I haven’t been feeling very creative lately… I think it’s called Oregon Winter-Funk Syndrome. But days are getting longer, my daffodils are on the verge of blooming, and the sound of birds singing announces that spring is finally here. I am so glad!