Charming charms

I was so excited when I got home and found a package waiting for me. I had heard a lot of buzz from different bloggers about Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae‘s book, A Charming Exchange. I knew by looking at the cover that I needed to get my hands on it as soon as I could.

Yay! The book is a wonderful work of art in itself. So many amazing artists collaborated to make this a masterpiece. The photography is stunning; the artwork is gorgeous; and the instructional demo-like lessons are very detailed; not to mention, the wealth of valuable resources referenced. I didn’t realize one of my art-friends is a contributor… way to go, Marci! And one of my favorite artists, Deryn Mentock, also contributed some beautiful pieces. Oh, how I love vintage coin purses. If you share my passion for those old, worn, kiss-locked pieces of leather, you’ll also die for The Shepherds Amulet… it is enchanting and delightful. Go out and get this book… it will definitely wake up your muse.

Speaking of muses… I have so many ideas swirling around. I only wish my “studio” was better organized so I could work in there. I have a professional organizer coming on Saturday morning to help me get a plan together for working through the mess. I am hopeful that change is just around the corner and I can become more engaged in my creative projects. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am really thrilled about a round robin charm swap I will be participating in and eager to get started. There are 10 participants and it will take months to complete. The participants are all members of the Charmsters group I belong to. Each participant has taken their time to decide a special theme for either a necklace or bracelet. Each of us will create our own first charm. I am planning on using one of the soldered pieces I made in Stephanie Lee‘s class and embellishing it to fit my theme: Architectural Garden. My vision of the theme includes rough stone, weathered statues, patinas on tin, old architectural pieces, salvaged gates and finials, song birds, garden angels… a special place of peace and sanctuary. Everyone’s themes are so heartfelt; it’ll be a reverent exercise creating each unique piece. I’ve been making some eBay purchases (take a look at this, this, this, and this!) lately and hope to use some of my found objects in my work. I can’t wait to begin!


Mosaic party

My friend Dawn introduced me to this monthly art group. We met on Saturday at Sandy’s (Sandy, do you have a blog?) who gave instruction on how to do a mosaic project. She was so generous with her supplies and knowledge. I had such a wonderful time. Just look at the most beautiful creations everyone made.

Our pots pre-grout

What an artistic group of ladies!

Katy, Melissa, Sandy, Janie, Me, Sylvia, Turquoize

New look

What do you think of my new blog theme and header?


Here is a picture of a basic personalized logo I created.

I should really change my blog theme and create a matching blog header, huh?

Bird swap charms

Here are the thumbnails of the pictures I took of the charms from the Charmsters bird swap I participated in. I wish I was a better photographer. I don’t know if it’s me or the camera. I guess I need to experiment more. But just look at the wonderful charms everyone created. I can’t believe how much detail everyone put into these lovely pieces of art.

Suzanne Redmond

Suzanne Redmond

Pam Kirschenbaum

Maya Macauley

Carlee Ragsdale

Lori Guerin

Lore Caldwell

Kristine Zakarison

Kecia Deveney

Kathy Lefleur

Julie Saunders

Christine Hendry

Cheryl Connell

Betty Hooper

Zhulia Abrok

Terri Nickelson- Williams

Sharon DuBois

Michelle Geller

Melissa Merrill

Maureen Baranov

Jennifer Griffin

Janet Wilson

Connie Williams

Carol Moore

Denise Mares

When I was at Art & Soul in Hampton, Kecia and I decided to do an individual swap. I gave her one of my silver clay charms and she agreed to send me a unique charm in return. I love what she created. She is such a talented artist. If you don’t already do so, check out her blog. And if you love her artwork as well, she has a site on etsy.

1 for 1 charm swap

Katherine’s piece

Whew! Here are the pictures of my piece for Katherine. It’s in remembrance of her father. She told me some of the items she wanted in the composition and I tried to keep that in mind when I worked on it. Only thing: I wish I’d have taken Lisa’s workshops prior to creating this piece. Anyway, I hope she likes it. I did add one small thing after I took the picture: I added the word heart from an old book to the little doll (he needed something).

Workshop: Lisa Kaus

Just a quick post. I wanted to show my work from the workshops I took with Lisa Kaus this weekend.

Here is my house:

Here is my cake:

I’m still working on the piece for my friend and will post a picture as soon as it’s finished.