Hampton Art & Soul

I returned home last night from a wonderful art-filled vacation in Hampton, Virginia. I am so happy I went because I made so many new friends. That is a big accomplishment for me. I am usually very shy. Often I feel uncomfortable around others who I perceive to be superior to me in some way or another. As you may or may not know, I’ve been working on my self-image in therapy. I made a conscious effort to take a risk and expose my true self to others. Maybe some people didn’t like me but that’s okay. I met some wonderful, beautiful, creative women during my adventure and you know what? It was damn well worth it. I know I will see many of these ladies again and will keep in touch with many others. Connecting on a creative level with these remarkable individuals was enough to make the trip priceless.

By the way, I am going to add a new blog roll category to spotlight friends and acquaintences from this trip so you can meet them too (stay tuned). Thank you all for inspiring me and accepting me… flaws and all (you know what I’m talkin’ about!). Sincerely, I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with you all.

I LOVED every class I took. I will be high-lighting each class in separate blog posts but for now, I wanted to give a glimpse of some of the artwork I created.


Tiny intention bottles

I met with some local ladies last night to create these little intention bottles. The project was left open as far as what type of medium we wanted to use. The only necessity was the bottle, of course. When I was in Seattle, I found these really cool bottles full of heart-shaped confetti. I didn’t really need four bottles of hearts (though I’m sure I’ll find a use for it someday) but I wanted the bottles because I really liked the shape and size of them and the wooden lids. Plus they were pretty inexpensive. I decided to dig into my huge stash of paper napkins because that way I wouldn’t have to work too hard to create a pretty collage on the bottles. I used gel medium to apply the paper. After that dried, covered the bottles with double-sided sticky tape-stuff that comes in a sheet. Then I stuck micro-beads all over them. There is one odd one that I stuck seed beads on. It’s a much different look but I think it’s cool. I added some ribbon on some and little charms on the others. I really love the way they turned out. I think I’m going to make some more… maybe for trades at Hampton.

Random stuff

I signed up for a fatbook swap and I was so motivated I started and finished the pages today! I think they turned out really well. Here is a picture of the main part of the page. I have a couple added touches but they’re mostly done. Usually when I create something, I go through about a dozen iterations of ideas until I have something I really like. I went with the first prototype this time. Inside the little matchbook are a couple pretty pieces of paper. I think I may stamp a saying inside but not sure yet.

I got my moo cards in the mail today! They turned out so cool… except for one thing… I misspelled my email provider… me… the obsessive proof-reader! HOW EMBARRASSING! I guess that’s karma!

Have you heard this crazy story? I would be pissed! That’s like getting your kids mixed up at daycare! The arrogance of the kennel owner is amazing.

Tomorrow’s the last day to get in on my give away!

I am so excited!

Just got a note from Lisa Kaus about some new original artwork–love those mailing lists! I bought this piece:

Isn’t it beautiful?! I just love her work. Something about this just spoke to me. I never used to like yellows but I took a chance and painted my kitchen and powder room yellow and love it. Well, it’s not bright lemon yellow or anything… more like a golden raffia color. I am going to have to find a special place for this little gem. I cannot wait to find out what class(es) she will be teaching at Art & Soul in Portland.

Speaking of classes, I also got a note from Scrapbook Attack, which is a local scrap booking store. I was so excited to learn that they have booked Tim Holtz to teach a two day workshop in July. The details will be revealed in March. Such exciting news!

Art & Soul – Hampton

Dang, some of you ladies have lightening fingers!  I got into four out of the six classes I was hoping for.  I only missed out on two.  So I’m very happy.  The classes I did manage to get into are: Susan Lenart-Kazmer‘s Uncommon Objects in tassels and Fringe, Michael deMeng‘s Morpheus Box: a Transformation Chamber, Kathy Wasilewski‘s Tin Souls, and Sally Jean Alexander‘s Bottle-icious Brooch.  I missed out on Stephanie Rubiano‘s Perching Pixies and another one of Sally Jean’s Little Pink Houses.  Maybe someone will not be able to make it and I can buy it from them… we’ll see.

NOTE: YAY!  They fixed the technical glitch in the A&S registration system and I was able to get into ALL  the classes I wanted!  I am so excited and cannot wait until May!

One class I wanted to take at A&S, I found is offered much closer to home.  So for all you Portlanders who wanted to take Stephanie Lee‘s Chain Gang and/or Junk Drawer Metal Smithing , they’re being offered at Innerstandings May 24 & 25.  Each class is $130 which includes lunch, beverages, and some materials… what a deal!

Innerstandings is run by Diane Havnen-Smith.  Here are some of the other classes being held at her facility in Clackamas in the near future.

Stephanie is also teaching a two day intensive workshop: Project Plaster: The Works on February 16 and 17.  The $260 cost also includes lunch, beverages, and some materials.

Judy Wise is teaching ARTFUL JOURNAL: Finding the Way on December 2.  This full-day mini-retreat runs $130 which includes lunch, beverages, and some materials.

Whimsical Folk Dolls is being taught by Katie Kendrick on January 12, 2008

There are a ton of offerings at Portland’s Bead Expo March 27-30 and I didn’t see any that are closed…

Susan Lenart Kazmer is teaching several metal working classes:  Transparent Layers – New Works in Jewelry, Creating Containers & Bezels – Cold Join, Uncommon Objects – Fringe Form Jewelry, Objects & Elements – Creating Talismans Jewelry.  The prices range from $192-196 for the class plus materials. 

Sherri Haab (see her blog) is teaching two metal clay classes: Image Transfers on Metal Clay and Mixed Media PMC Bracelet Charms.  The prices for her classes are $180 including materials.  I took a class from her in Portland at A&S.  Sherri taught with Wendy Malinow and they were such a great team.

Louise Duhamel is teaching three metal clay classes and one wire weaving class: Windows to Within, Cupids Arrow – Gold and Silver Metal Clay Pendant, Metal Clay Book Pendant, and African Basket Weave Bracelet Cuff.  The prices for these classes range from $140-170 including materials.  I took a class from her last year and learned so much!

One class that looks interesting that I may have to sign up for: Getting Your Own Original Designs Cast In Sterling.  Anyone have any knowledge about this topic?  I would love to hear about it.

I guess I should make hotel reservations now so I can find a roommate for Hampton!

Art & Soul Work

Here are some of the pieces I created at Art & Soul this year. I had a great experience. It was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I had never considered myself an artist before but I guess it’s all part of the creative process. If you believe it and live it, it must be true. I am still a little shy about calling myself an artist but my “craft room” has definitely morphed into my “STUDIO.”

This was probably my favorite class; Time Busted with Jessica Acosta. Polymer clay was a new medium for me but I was happily surprised at the results. I have to give Jessica huge kudos for being an excellent and most patient instructor. I wish I had purchased one of her dolls on vendor night. Next time it’ll for sure be my splurge.

Time Busted 

Here is piece from another of my favorite classes: Le Devine Shrine with Sally Jean Alexander. Even though my piece isn’t perfect, I still love how it turned out. I learned a lot from both Sally and Brad. Everyone’s work in this class was beautiful. I wish Sally would do more local workshops because I would love to learn more from this very talented lady. Can’t wait until next A&S… I’ll be sigining up for her classes on the first day of registration.

Le Devine Shrine